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GOAgemeinde Foren-Übersicht
About GOAgemein.de

GOAgemein.de is the intermunicipal collaboration of like minded people.
GOA, Darkpsy, Psytrance Community with a 24h Chat and a DJs & Artists Booking Agency with a Audio Database
for promoting own Sounds.

Many subjects about to Release News, Producing, Promotion and everything about
GOA, Dark & Psy Events.

The place for exchanging of thought and experiences.
Since 2006 connects the GOAgemein.de different web pages about GOA Parties, Cultures and
all over electronic Music.

We raffle of complimentary tickets and guestlists places for Club Events & OpenAir Festivals.
Discuss with GOA Party people or submit your Party reports.

expect you on
GOAgemein.de or GOAgemeinde.de


• About GOA Trance •

GOA Trance (sometimes referred to as GOA or by the Leet number 604)
is a form of electronic music that originated during the late 1980s and
early 1990s in the Indian state of Goa. GOA Trance enjoyed the greater
part of its success from around 1994–1998. It has since transmuted into
a style of EDM known a Psychedelic Trance (Psytrance).

Psychedelic Trance or Psytrance is characterized by hypnotic
arrangements of synthetic rhythms and mesmerizing melodies.
It first broke out into the mainstream in 1995 as the UK music press
began to report on the exploding trend of GOA Trance.

Since then the genre has diversified immensely and now offers considerable
variety in terms of mood, tempo, and style. Some examples include melodic FullOn,
Dark (Darkpsy), Progressive and Psybient or Psychedelic Downtempo.

The original GOA Trance (or Old School) was often made with popular Modular
synthesizers and hardware samplers, but modern Psychedelic Trance is
typically made with VST and AU Software sampler applications.

• About GOA India •

Goa is India's smallest state in terms of area and
the fourth smallest in terms of population.

Located on the west coast of India and has a surface of 3.702 km².
Goa is named after the city formerly of the same name, today Velha Goa.
The region was during about 450 years a Portuguese colony and
shows a special cultural coinage.

No Indian federal state is cultural so with lasting effect from a European
colonial power been influenced like Goa.
The capital of Goas is called Panaji, by the
Portuguese Pangim, from which Britons Panjim.

The climate is tropical and is determined by the monsoon.
(June - September)
Today the tourism is one of the weight bearing columns
of the economy Goa´s.

Really Goa counts to the most popular destinations in India and
contributes about 12 percent to the foreign visitor's figures.

• About AUM (OM) •

Aum is a mystical or sacred syllable in the Hindu, Jain and Buddhist religions.
It is placed at the beginning of most Hindu texts as a sacred exclamation to be
uttered at the beginning and end of a reading of the Vedas or previously to any
prayer or mantra and also is said in the beginning of any puja (religious ritual).

The sound stands for the transcendent old sound from whose vibrations after Hindu
understanding the whole universe originated. It calls the highest God's image,
the shapeless Brahman, the impersonal world soul. This encloses the empire of the
visible phenomena and the empire of the transcendent.

Om is the most comprehensive and erhabenste symbol of the Hindu metaphysics and
was used for the first time in the Upanishaden. Later Om than the connection of three sounds
and became the object of mystic meditation. Among the rest, it symbolises the triad of
Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma. In all Hindu religions it is worth as holiest all Mantren.