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ॐ California Sunshine (Israel)

NewTopic in Artists Int. PostReply at California Sunshine (Israel) GOAgemein.de Foren-Übersicht » Booking Agentur » Artists Int.
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Artists Int. » California Sunshine (Israel)Verfasst: 03.10.2008, 20:55


Har-ell P. started to produce his own Acid-Trance music in 1991 creating
the Goa Psychedelic underground famous track Wonderland along with 3 other
tracks that were played a lot in Goa Full-Moon Outdoor parties in 1992-93.

His first Techno 12 release was Morning Glory which created the new wave
of Trance & was a massive hit in Israel and was released on a local CD compilation,
released also in Germany in mid '93 as a 12 promo, on the legendary techno label Labworks.
At the end of '93 some of Har-ell's underground Trance was released by
Dinko Bazadona (a Croatian DJ of Dancing Bear Records in Zagreb)
12 Maxi's were sold in the underground DJ scene and was distributed by N.E.W.S.
in Belgium.
This was the first techno-trance label to release Goa Trance music & their logo
is one of the best ever made.

In the beginning of '94 Har-ell had produced the very successful Trust In Trance
first album release and also his own CD albums on Unnatural Recordings which
were considered a milestone in Israeli Trance scene promoting the export of that
scene to the rest of the world during that year.
He had also Dj'ed with Vinyls and DATs (mostly with his own tracks) in the
biggest local clubs which made Trance a celebration in Israel and as Rave was big
in the U.K. in the early 90's - to the surprise of everyone in the overground
music business in Israel.
Also that year Nephilim of Germany had released Har-ell's Pagan Moonchild and
New Pagan World was distributed by EFA and in '95 the famous Wonderland
track was released by Blue Room Outside the Reactor.

In 1997 Har-ell has produced together with Dj Miko the first in a series of the
popular and successful "California Sunshine" which was followed by Imperia and
Nasha in 1998 and which many of the tracks were also released on various
compilations throughout the world.
In 1997 Paul Oakenfold remixed & released Har-ell's famous Summer '89,
the track from the CD California Sunshine which entered the British DJ Chart.
Har-ell was the first to combine psychadellic industrial sounds together with
acid new-beat in '91. Har-ell has also released a progressive House CD album
together with DJ Moran Shnitzer called "House of Dream" of which some tracks
were entered into various compilations.
The two also worked on Club Trance as well as remixes of various styles.

Har-el has then released albums such as Engine and Sinking Sand by Out
of Orion/Italy, and recently X-Waves by Hed Artzi. Live Performances
(Gigs) Har-ell P. had also performed in different places around the world:
such as: Future Shock - Zagreb, Croatia in 1994 - around 20,000 audience
Rave production which included MayDay team (Marusha, Westbam, Bonzai
and others). In NY and an Outdoor Rave party Moon Tribe Gathering in the
Dry River Desert in California in 1995. In Lille, France under the title Brainflower
in the Syrcus Cybernaut Rave in the Zenith arena along with Daft Punk and many
other known DJ's 1996 Live act in an Outdoor party in Melbourne,
Australia with DJ Miko 1997 In Budapest, Hungary in an Outdoor party ,Zurich,
Switzerland in the EarthDance performance, Natraj Temple â?? Munich, Germany,
Nagano - Japan - New World Party Zagreb-Croatia - Trip through
Electronic Music in 1999 Bern - SwitzerLand, Mexico City, Yugoslavia, Greece, Belgium etc.

For bookings please contact


NewTopic in Artists Int. PostReply at California Sunshine (Israel) GOAgemein.de Foren-Übersicht » Booking Agentur » Artists Int.
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