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ॐ Dark Elf (Greece)

NewTopic in Artists Int. PostReply at Dark Elf (Greece) GOAgemein.de Foren-Übersicht » Booking Agentur » Artists Int.
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ॐ System

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Artists Int. » Dark Elf (Greece)Verfasst: 03.10.2008, 22:52


He passes a long period in HipHop music, and then discovers goa-trance
in '97 with some schoolmates, but only goes to some events and festivals.
After buying some mixing tools in 2000, he starts dj-ing locally in private and free parties.
The interest for production comes lately in 2001/02, under the influence of In Vitro,
when he decides to create his own electronic music vibes and learns how to.

In 2004 his production is progressing, and in 2005 his friend Wris lends him a
Roland jp-8000, and that's it, things go better..
He tries to experiment with some friends in side projects like Double Trouble
with Apnea, Septagram with DarkShire/Brain Core, RoughRyders with In Vitro,
and more like Zik, Narcosis, or Wris..

He is also sometimes a reggae/dub dj (and has made some
electro-dub tracks with The Dub Wizard)

Regarding Trance music lately he focuses on his solo project 'Dark Elf'
which is more atmospheric than twisted, and part of this 'greek dark wave'
expanding worldwide !!!

Signed dj & artist at Discovalley Records, the first label to release him, he
wanted to make more in Greece so he created the KGB crew (or Tribal Unity),
with some friends, which has done small & huge free parties in the Greek capital..

Dimitri is now studying sound-engineering, and hopes generally to work as
a producer or as a sound engineer later on !!!

Synths: Roland JP-8080, Nord Rack 2

He just renewed his home studio, and new things are coming soon..
Home label: Discovalley Records
GOA Releases: Discovalley Rec., Trishula Rec., Dropout Rec., Psybertribe Rec.,
Plutonic Rec., Moonsun Rec., Helicon Sound System and more soon..

Previous gigs: Russia, FYROM, Turkey, France, and of course Greece

For bookings please contact


NewTopic in Artists Int. PostReply at Dark Elf (Greece) GOAgemein.de Foren-Übersicht » Booking Agentur » Artists Int.
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