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NewTopic in Release News PostReply at VA - THE PAIN OF THE FORGOTTEN FOREST GOAgemein.de Foren-Übersicht » Release News
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Chronicle Of Mystery

Release News » VA - THE PAIN OF THE FORGOTTEN FORESTVerfasst: 17.08.2010, 16:47

Chonicle of Mistery records – First compilation “THE PAIN OF THE FORGOTTEN FOREST” coming soon

- Deep in the night in the middle of the world, the earth cracked open and a magical book appeared which with it’s power and light and colored the sky in the most deep green. With great unseen strength it opened and marked the path to the unknown. Ferries got free and rushed out to bring life to the forest. Souls were coming out from every forgotten branch. It got loud, so loud and the pain was unbearable. Unknown felling guides you in another world, a real world, a world created only for the tales of the threes were you will uncover the mystery. And you get the power to wake up and get free. Relax and let your body carry you though the maze of the forgotten forest

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Track list:

1.Battle Of The Future Buddhas-Rytmus
4.Ka-sol-Xtc dark bass
5.Nirmanakayas-Chaos in forest
7.Hada-Two weeks
8.Makadam-Feddeling wooden fingers
9.The Grobians-Tresktrans

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Compilated and Organized by Hana Cheljo and Darko Petreski
Mastered by Christer Lundstrom
Artwork and layout by Neno Mistique
Kontakt schoiroideairisss@yahoo.com nirmana_kayas@yahoo.com

NewTopic in Release News PostReply at VA - THE PAIN OF THE FORGOTTEN FOREST GOAgemein.de Foren-Übersicht » Release News
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