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ॐ Jakob (Psychedelic Art)

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ॐ System

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Deco » Jakob (Psychedelic Art)Verfasst: 16.03.2009, 00:56


Name: Jakob
Year: 1981
Location: NRW / Germany

Producing Since: 2007
Styles: Psychedelic Art, Flyer & Cd Cover Artwork, Webdesign, Shirt & Logo Design, Photography


Jakob was born on April 20th 1981 in a small town near Dortmund / Germany.
JAKOB is his Artist Name and also everywhere in the Internet.
On the Net he mostly use this Name: Jakob - Psyart.
After some time, full of trouble and unemployment, he began to open his
mind again for art In spring of 2007. Jakob started again with graffiti,
which he had been doing every once and a while in until 2001.
A short time later he started drawing his psychedelic art and to focus on art in general.
In March 2007 his first psychedelic artworks were created.
The art in this very unique style of psychedelic art, is for Jakob an the
valve for his emotions. Jakob is inspired by the flora and fauna, the daily life,
full of love and hate, joy and sadness.. and many other influences more..
End 2007, Jakob started producing his first shirts with shirtdesigns created by himself.
After a long, long time Jakob met an old friend again and he told him that
he had started a dark psychedelic trance label, called Scared Evil Records (SER).
For this label Jakob created logos, banners and other graphic artworks.
Jakob has still provided for many other peoples some of his artworks.

References: Scared Evil Records, Old Is Gold Records, The Orange Drop, Agneton, Goalien,
Durchfall Crew, Triplag, Fraggle Fun Events, Psyrec.com, Skitzophrenik Lifeform Records, Blind Noise Records





booked now


NewTopic in Deco PostReply at Jakob (Psychedelic Art) GOAgemein.de Foren-Übersicht » Booking Agentur » Deco
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