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ॐ Necmi (Progressive, Waldpsy)

NewTopic in Artists DE PostReply at Necmi (Progressive, Waldpsy) GOAgemein.de Foren-Übersicht » Booking Agentur » Artists DE
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ॐ System
ॐ System

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Artists DE » Necmi (Progressive, Waldpsy)Verfasst: 03.08.2010, 16:37

Demo under: http://www.goamedia.net/audiobase/comment.php?dlid=4209

Necmis first remembered sensomotoric experience was at the tender age
of 3, it was a limbo session to Bony Ms Daddy Cool. With the love for
movement grew the love for music. At the ages of 10-12 Necmi begins to
work with a tape and record player, making short samples experiments.
He played the guitar for some years & was struck by the electronic music
movement in 1992. 1992 he founded with a companion, Uwe Voss, the
techno-project Apokalypse Wow. They shared a mood of
weltuntergangsstimmung expressed with hardcore techno and acid
(till 93). Never ending weekends aimed to be the dance of the Vulcan,
but this was not the end. He started some solo-projects and had some
live-sets as Nashcore in 94. Working with kids from 94-99 as a
educationalist and music-pedagogue lifted his mood in general,
he started visiting trance parties which gave him some spiritual
musical insights. In 1996 he teamed up again with Uve Voss as
Mystique Elements and they played some fat live-pas. Since 99
his solo-project gained more and more attention as the most straight
kicking live-project in the Rhine-scene. His unique definition of trance is
build upon pumping techhouse beats and collages of atmospheric samples,
reflecting all dance styles that crossed his ears in the last 10 years.
His first realeses on tatsu records were on 2001, and his album
sensomotorik on 2002 on mental arts rec. After that he released
tracks on lables like novoaekk, domo rec, insolation rec, milenium,
yellow sunshine explosion, soultriebe rec , solarsiv, spontanous arobics.
Necmi had also some Side projects like Alkanash, Necmi & Katayami,
Manesh, and he loves to perform his shit 4 the crowd, he played
something like 190 times in 9 different countries lall over the world
Necmi is now working as Streetworker and Audio engineer.


NewTopic in Artists DE PostReply at Necmi (Progressive, Waldpsy) GOAgemein.de Foren-Übersicht » Booking Agentur » Artists DE
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