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ॐ (21.-24.08.2013) AURORA FESTIVAL - Griechenland

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Outdoor Archiv ╗ (21.-24.08.2013) AURORA FESTIVAL - GriechenlandVerfasst: 19.03.2013, 02:20

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Hallucinogen Live
Sphongle DJ Set
Younger Brother Live
OTT Live + DJ Set
Logic Bomb Live
Talamasca Live
Pleiadians Live
Vaishiyas Live
Liquid Soul Live
Andromeda Live
Vibrasphere Live
U-Recken Live
Bamboo Forest Live
Massive Live
Sirius Isness Live
AES Dana Live
Asura Live
Solar Fields Live
Symphonix Live
True Lies Live
U-Recken Live
Freakulizer Live
Klopfgeister Live
Midimal Live
Zen Mechanics
Sun Control Species
Kularis Live
Nok Live
Daydin Live
Aerospace Live
Dualism Live
Dualsnug Live
Jey & Ex
Prometheus Live
H.U.V.A. Network Live
Cosmic Tone Live
Vibrasphere (Downtempo) Live
Carbon Based Lifeforms Live
Lightsphere Live
Quantum Live
S-Range Live
Chromosome Live
Galactika Live
Protonica Live
Visua Live
Visual Paradox Live
Visual Contact Live
Ultravoice Live
Earsugar Live
Audiomatic Live
Audiomatrixx Live
Magnetrixx Live
Rocky Live
Doc DJ set
Miraculix Live
AKD Live
Agent-17 Live
Frechbaxx Live
Ion Live
Fatdata Live
Sensifeel Live
Cycklones Live
N.A.S.A Live
Psynthex DJset
B. Moon DJset
Aquatica Live
Cell Live
Nordlight Live
Quantize Live
Frequent Pill DJset
Conwerter Live
Pause Live
Headroom Live
FlipFlop Live
AMD Live
Paratech Live
Safi Connection
Direct Connection
Terra Nine
Billys Dj set (downtempo)
Goaalex Dj set (downtempo)
Cuich Dj set (downtempo)
I. Fairy Dj set (downtempo)

All artists are 100% Confirmed.
North Greece :: Asprovalta (near Thessaloniki)
20000 Capacity
/ Camping Area
Sea / Trees / Grass / Mountains
Eintritt Presale starts at 15 april

70 Euro 500 LIMITED Edition Aurora
80 Euro Till 15 June
100 Euro Till 15 August
120 Euro @ The Gates

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it is possible to camp from 19 to 25-26 August.

The transportation from Thessaloniki is really easy to Asprovalta, about 45 minutes, 1 hour max :)


Aurora Festival takes place in Asprovalta Agiou Georgiou of Thessaloniki prefecture.

Travelling by plane

Nearest airport: SKG Thessaloniki

From the airport you take a Taxi or the bus No78 to KTE (Central Bus Station). After reaching the Central Bus Station you have to take another bus to Asprovalta.

Alternative airport: KVA Kavala

From the airport you have to get to the Bus Station of Kavala (Centre of the City) by taxi or by taking a bus from Airport to Kavala.
From the Central Bus Station you take the bus to Asprovalta.

Travelling by bus

From your country you have to reach Thessaloniki or Kavala and then take another one to Asprovalta.

Travelling by train

The nearest train station is the one in Thessalonica. After you have reached Thessaloniki train station you have to take a taxi or a bus to the Central Bus Station (KTEL) and from there you take a bus to Asprovalta. The buses from the train station to the Central Bus Station are No8, which stops inside the train station and No78, which stops in front of limits of the station.

Travelling by car

First you have to reach E90 (Egnatia Odos) and then take the exit to Asprovalta (there are signs). Once you reach the town, follow the Aurora signs!

Bus timetable and more info will be updated accordingly.

At the entrance, after showing or buying your ticket, you will get the official Aurora wristband! You have to wear this wristband the WHOLE time that the festival is running even for the two days before and the one after! If the wristband is too tight return to the entrance immediately and report it to the entrance staff! Do not open the wristband on your own. Persons not wearing the wristband will be banned from the festival area.

Persons found holding the wristband on hand will be banned also!

So please always wear it!

Persons not having a valid ticket cannot be provided with a wristband!

No entrance under 18.

Valid ID might be asked to verify your age in case of dought.


Inside the festival area you will find facilities that will make your stay easier and healthier! Services listed below are provided free for everyone
1 Real toilets (no chemical)

2 Real showers with hot water both day and night

3 Full medical care available

4 Garbage collectors

5 Parking

6 Friendly Security

7 Marker point (exchange money for markers)

8 Fresh fruits and candies

Services and products listed beneath this point are not included in the entrance admission.
1 Super Market

2 Cafeterias

3 Restaurants

4 Bar

5 Culture Shops

6 Chai shops

7 Lockers

8 Internet spot (not defined yet)

1 NO under 18 without companionship.

2 NO fire, fireworks at all!

3 NO illegal substances.!!!

4 NO shops without Aurora Shop License.

5 NO cash transactions inside the festival area. Transactions will be made with markers you can only find at the Marker Points

6 NO external sound systems allowed within the camping area.

7 Aurora Festival does NOT assume any responsibility for damage or loss of your private property.

8 Aurora Festival organisation reserves the right to refuse admission

9 Respect people around you.

10 Respect Aurora Staff.

11 Respect nature.

12 You have to accept the checks in the entrance.


With a lineup composed of 100 International Live acts and 35 Dj Sets in two different style stages, Aurora Festival becomes one of the biggest productions ever made in Greece.

Its uniqueness comes from the balanced constistancy of the main stage, which hosts exclusively LIVE acts of the most wanted artists of full on and progressive psychedelic scene.

The Chill out / Ambient stage is consisted of top Producers and Djs, in order to give you an unforgettable experience through their frequencies.

Prepare your ears for fresh,crystal quality sounds, your eyes for special visual arts, juggling shows and your body for THE ultimate dance experience of this summer.!!!

Dates & Timelines,

The camping area will be open for campers at 19.08.2008 until 25.08.2008 which means two days before the official starting day of the Festival and one day after the official closing day. So you can come earlier in order to find a proper place to settle! Music will begin on the first minute of 21.08.2008 (00:01)starting a series of 4 days & 4 nights full of music.

Schedule and timetables later onů

Supported By,
Aurora Festival is supported by, the Greek National Tourism Organization of the Greek Ministry of Civilization and from the Municipality of Agios Georgios where Asprovalta belongs to.
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Outdoor Archiv ╗ (21.-24.08.2013) AURORA FESTIVAL - GriechenlandVerfasst: 03.06.2013, 23:21

How comes? ba041

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...Go with the Flow...

NewTopic in Outdoor Archiv PostReply at (21.-24.08.2013) AURORA FESTIVAL - Griechenland GOAgemein.de Foren-ÜbersichtPartiesOutdoor Archiv
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