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NewTopic in Outdoor Archiv PostReply at VERLOSUNG! (19.-26.08.2013) TRANSYLVANIA CALLING GOAgemein.de Foren-Übersicht » Parties » Outdoor Archiv
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Outdoor Archiv » VERLOSUNG! (19.-26.08.2013) TRANSYLVANIA CALLINGVerfasst: 19.03.2013, 02:33

please login


Confirmed Artists so far:
Atma (RO) please login
Braincell (CH) please login
Dark Whisper (DE) please login
Haraburda (SK) please login
Hellquist (SE) please login
Kalumet (HU) please login
KoxBox (DK/SP) please login
Loopus in Fabula (IT) please login
Leftism (SK) please login
Minimal Criminal (BR) please login
Ork Monk (HU) please login
Ozmali (NL) please login
Psykovsky (RU) please login
Talpa (SRB) please login
The Riddler (SRB) please login
Tron (MX) please login
more to be confirmed!


Akira Indika (DE) please login
Dharma (CR) please login
Dr Sammy (GR) please login
Frank'e aka KoxBox (DK/SP) please login
Giuseppe Parvati Records (DK) please login
Goa Jonas (IN/DE) please login
Horizon (US/AT) please login
Icaruz vs Kofot Leif (SE) please login
Kristian Dejavoo (UK) please login
Liquid Ross (UK) please login
Loopus in Fabula (IT) please login
Moika (BR) please login
Osman Gayatree (US/RU )http://www.transylvania-calling.com/line-up/osman-gayatree/
Ordo Ab Chao (GR) please login
Pixie (CR) please login
Padawan (DE) please login
Psyco Zaika (RU/IL) please login
Pura (SRB) please login
Rastaliens (CH) please login
Styx (RO/DE) please login
Silent Bob (IL) please login
Starling (GOA) please login
Tim Duster (FI) please login
Terranostra (CH) please login
Tommes (AT) please login
Trans Humantza (RO) please login
Yara (SP) please login
Z-Cat (RU) please login

more coming soon!

Chill Out:

zeitschleife & vivek LIVE aka Dark Whisper (DE) please login
Kalumet in Dub (HU) please login
Loopus in Fabula (IT) please login
I.Mike (GR) please login
Raman (RO) please login
Overder (RO)
Ozmali please login
Horizon please login

Imix Jaguar (MX) please login
EL GEKO (Optix Matrix-Austria)

More Info:

The Story in Wonderland continues in this new and exiting cycle of time, reaching after 9 years its 7th edition ♥ and YOU are again invited to join one of the most special Gatherings of the Tribes on this wonderful Planet named Earth. ૐ

“The Transylvania Calling Experience is not about a spiritual teaching. Yet, when you come here and allow what is happening to touch you, deep understandings take place. And when these understandings blossom into an insight, into a realization, your heart opens, consciousn...ess expands...This expansion is the flowering of your being.”

TC 2012 Video: please login ૐ by foolontv
TC 2012 Video: please login ૐ by Sisi&Jiri
TC 2011 Video: please login ૐ by Sisi&Jiri
TC 2011 Video: please login ૐ by Murilo Ganesh
TC 2009 Video: please login ૐ by psynema

please login

In this transformed realm, you can at last reunite with your spiritual and space families and return in joy to full consciousness.

Invite all the family, friends and fairy´s ♥ ૐ

Donations are always welcome and needed for keep the flame alive and burning!

Please use the word "Donation" for references if you send us funds!

Paypal: artlabs@dmt.ro

or Bank:
Asociatia Artlabs (Sibiu, Romania)
Banca Transilvania / CodSwift: BTRLRO22SBA
IBAN EURO: RO61BTRL03304205N53700XX
IBAN RON: RO86BTRL03301205N53700XX


Where can I buy tickets?
Tickets can be bought here on our Facebook Page please login or on the website please login with credit card or paypal. Tickets are also available to purchase at selected outlets please login

What are this year's ticket prices?

Presale Ticket Prices first 1000 Tickets

till 21 December 2012 = 40 € (limited 100) SOLD OUT
till end of January = 50 € (limited 150) SOLD OUT
till end of February = 60 € (limited 200) Selling Fast!
till end of March = 70 € (limited 250)
till end of April = 80 € (limited 300)

Presale Ticket Prices second 1200 Tickets

till end of May = 90 € (limited 350)
till end of June = 100 € (limited 400)
till end of July = 110 € (limited 450)

Gate Price = 150 € (limited 800) Max Capacity 3000 People

please take the highest ticket affordable according to your budget in order to leave cheap tickets for the people with small budgets. Thank You for the support!

At the Gate "EVERYONE" that gets a Wristband pays 5 € EcoTax (refundable only on 26th) + 2 € LocalTax (NON refundable)

The Country that we have chosen to receive free entrance in 2013 is PORTUGAL! only entrance is free for Portuguese of course! they still have to pay the 2 euro local tax at the gate and also the 5 euro eco tax same as everyone going in no matter who it is! for to get a free entrance they need to have also a valid ID that shows they are Portugal residents!

When will I receive my tickets?
Tickets are sent automatically to each ticket owner by email from our Ticketing partner Amiando! If you have not received it within minutes please check your SPAM folder and if not there contact Amiando
I have a further ticket enquiry, who do I contact?
Contact Amiando customer support contact@amiando.com.

Do children need a ticket?
Children under 12 can enter free with a parent or guardian of parental age.
Will tickets sell out?
Transylvania Calling Festival does have a limited capacity, and while the festival has not historically sold out our numbers are increasing each year so we advise you to buy your tickets early to avoid possible disappointment.
Can I buy a ticket for only 2 days?
No. Only Full 8 day festival tickets are available.
More Info please login
FB Page please login
FB Event please login
Founder of Transylvania Calling: Styx.Dj please login

please login
GPS 45.561506 25.517104

Cheisoara near Rasnov at 800 m Altitude
little stream running trough all of location

Location Info: please login
Surroundings: please login

Shuttle Service:
Never has it been this easy to reach Transylvania Calling. You can find your way to Brasov by train or bus and then to Rasnov by train. From there you have the option to take the train shuttle directly to the camping or the regular shuttle that runs almost daily from the nearby town centre. This gives you the opportunity to visit Rasnov town and surroundings or simply do some basic shopping. The train and shuttle service is brought to you by Asociatia Rosenau Turism please login the same organization offers guided trips to Dracula Castle, Rasnov Citadelle and many more special places around the area worth to see.
*for more information and timetables on shuttles check: please login

please login
please login
please login
please login

ॐ System
ॐ System

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Outdoor Archiv » VERLOSUNG! (19.-26.08.2013) TRANSYLVANIA CALLINGVerfasst: 14.05.2013, 15:09

VERLOSUNG! please login ba035
please login

NewTopic in Outdoor Archiv PostReply at VERLOSUNG! (19.-26.08.2013) TRANSYLVANIA CALLING GOAgemein.de Foren-Übersicht » Parties » Outdoor Archiv
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