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ॐ (01.-05.08.2013) SONICA FESTIVAL - South Italy

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Outdoor Archiv » (01.-05.08.2013) SONICA FESTIVAL - South ItalyVerfasst: 29.03.2013, 16:45


1-5 AUGUST 2013

Albanella Aeolian Park (SA)
South Italy

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Welcome all to Sonica powerstock edition

Welcome all to Sonica powerstock edition, the total green fueled festival dedicated to Planet Earth, taking place in south italy from the 1st to the 5th of next August 2013.

Sonica is an environmental friendly event, lasting 4 nights and 5 days and the only one in Europe to be totally powered by green energies through the use of solar panels and aeolian blades.
After the previous 5 editions held between 2005 and 2011, Sonica is keeping is magic with the next Powerstock edition, delivering you a new multicultural experience through music, art and peace in another special venue located in the south of Italy.
At only100Km by Naples, within a 30hectares Aeolian Park located on top of an hill, close to the village of Albanella, surrounded by mountains and looking at sea just 15km far away, we'll celebrate the new era in this magnetic area, where holy rituals were practiced centuries ago by the ancient pagan culture for energy renewal.
The wind power, daily collected by aeolian blades now present on the spot, will allow us to realize our eco-acoustic spacey show without polluting the environment with gas and noisy emissions by using typical electric generators.

Location and its surroundings are happy to guest for the first time Sonica festival and its colored international crowd with aim to promote local traditions and typical products and offering you a true experience with the sparkling South-Italy, the land of the early latin culture, where you can also have chance to visit amazing historical sites to complete your holidays.

Sonica - contemporary music, art and culture will feature:

* 3 stages
* visual projection and multidimensional video mapping technologies
* performing arts, decorations, installations, paintings and exhibitions
* healing & workshops
* artesanal market
* international and local food
* eco-sustainability and tribal culture

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Tickets will be on sale form beginning of March 2013 throughout Sonica new website and preseller network. Check the website to locate your closer preseller.

To buy a Sonica E-ticket you'll have to login to the website and provide a valid e-mail address to receive Sonica confirmation reply with your alphanumeric ticket-code.

Sonica e-ticket sale is made using PayPal secure site. Your Sonica e-ticket will be printable and always readable in the body of your "html" or "rich text" format email. No paper-tickets will be sent to the purchasers.

Before to leave for your holiday just remember to print your ticket and show it at the entrance gate together with your passport to get your Festival full-pass.

Pre-Sale Tickets will be available till July the 10th 2013 with different ranges of prices. After this date, tickets will be only available at the SONICA gate at a much higher value.

Ticket Presale - Phases and Prices:

* 1st phase (March 9th - May 5th): 55€ + paypal fee
* 2nd phase (May 6th - July 10th): 75€ + paypal fee

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Please subscribe to our new mailinglist to keep recieving these mails: please login
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*Interested in a Marketing & PR Campaign for YOUR label or event?
Contact Robin@triskelemanagement.com for a discussion and a quote for a campaign tailored to YOUR needs. For statistics and previous references please see please login [/quote]


Outdoor Archiv » (01.-05.08.2013) SONICA FESTIVAL - South ItalyVerfasst: 01.05.2013, 18:14


To see the newsletter online as a webpage see ::
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:: News in this edition ::

Phase one 55eu Pre-Sales end 5th MAY !

Environmental : SONICA GOES OFF THE GRID !

Lineup is closed : Apply to participate in the Sonica Art Lab


Deco & Structures


The first phase of pre-sale tickets will soon be coming to a close on 5 May.
There were a total of 1000 early-bird tickets available, and we seem to be doing pretty well, which means that NOW is the time for you to get yours!
Read More :please login

Environmental Strategy: Sonica goes off the grid !

Sonica 2013 will be different from any other edition this year as we launch our environmental strategy that takes the entire festival off the grid! We hope that this will inspire many hearts, minds and souls as we pay our respects to Gaia and help to transform the spirit of the global gathering! The entire festival will be powered by eco-energy, with electricty that will be generated by wind and solar technology. The festival is located in the wind turbine park of Albanella, southern Italy; providing us with 1000kw of wind and 300kw of solar energy. It's a revelation - so please join us for an extra special celebration!
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Applications for the Line-up

We have had the most wonderful response from awesome artists across the world who would love to be involved with Sonica. It's great to see that there are so many talented people everywhere – this is our tribe, and this is what unites us – our love for art, music and all things vibrant! In light of this overwhelming response from artists, applications for the line-up of this year's Sonica are now closed. We have finalised artists for all stages and areas, including: Lunar, Gaia and Solaris stages. If you would still like to be involved with the Sonica vibe, then please get in touch with the Sonica Art Lab..

Sonica Art Lab
please login
This is our exciting new baby. We're currently in the process of creating an inspiring platform for talented visual, musical and performance artists on our website. Information about your art will be featured on the Sonica website with links to all your FB, myspace, soundcloud pages, websites and other channels of communication. Please get in touch with your portfolio, details and links to your work by sending an email to:


An exceptional addition to this year's Sonica is the presentation of our Healing, Ecology, Art and Cultural Village! This is the place for decompressing, energising and igniting our mental, physical and spiritual energies.

From conferences on sustainability to lectures, debates and roundtable discussions on renewable energy sources, critical climate change and laboratories on re-design: expect to encounter some of the most inspiring global voices as they converge here to share their knowledge.

Activism is the theme as we all learn from each other to become eco-warriors in our own right - and as we continue to help raise the necessary awareness in respect of Gaia.
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Photosynthesis is a chemical process that converts carbon dioxide into organic compounds, especially sugars using the energy from the sun. It is vital for all aerobic life on Earth.

In addition to maintaining normal levels of oxygen in the atmosphere. photosynthesis is the source of energy for nearly all life on earth, either directly, through primary production, or indirectly, as the ultimate source of the energy in their food.

We intend to transform the entire dance floor area into a Temple structure honouring the great alchemic process of Photosynthesis...
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In this post 2012 world, we are already riding the waves of transformation as the tribes come together to manifest the change that we want to BE.

Join us for this very special celebration at Sonica as we converge as activists to learn and love together and from each other.

See you on the dance floor!

With love, light, gratitude, respect

The Sonica Team

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