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ॐ [DAMCD009] ANTAGON - MOKSHA (Damaru Records) October 28t

NewTopic in Release News PostReply at [DAMCD009] ANTAGON - MOKSHA (Damaru Records) October 28t GOAgemein.de Foren-Übersicht » Release News
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Damaru Records
Szene Fraggle
Szene Fraggle

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Release News » [DAMCD009] ANTAGON - MOKSHA (Damaru Records) October 28tVerfasst: 04.10.2016, 08:15

Damaru Records is proud to announce the release of their 9th CD.
The long awaited 4th full length album of the German dark/ hi-tech artist ANTAGON is ready to be released on October the 28th, 2016!

Artist: Antagon
Title: Moksha
Label: Damaru Records
Format: CD & Digital
Release: October 28th, 2016
Catalog: DAMCD009CD

01. Random Reject 160bpm
02. Miasma 168bpm
03. Dystopia 170bpm
04. Lost 170bpm
05. Paralocks - We Will Prevail (Antagon rmx) 170bpm
06. Progression (Antagon edit) 172bpm feat. Nocturne’s Creatures
07. Doomloop 175bpm
08. Moksha 177bpm
09. Wolves Colors 180bpm feat. Limbertimbre
10. Coma Machine 190bpm

Artwork by Android Jones please login
Layout by Alex/ Parsec
Mastering by Tim Schuldt please login

ANTAGON quadruples down with his 4th album, Moksha, on Damaru Records. One of Germany’s greatest talents continues his mission of cutting-edge experimental sound design, and this new collection does not disappoint. Incorporating creative elements that span the scope of psychedelia, this release picks up right where the Belief Engine left off. Pulsing low frequencies and frenzied modulations make for an unpredictable and expressive sonic experience that keeps the dancefloor moving while breaking from convention. LIMBERTIMBRE returns for a dream-like collaborative mutation on the album’s theme, as well as NOCTURNE’S CREATURE and a white-hot remix of PARALOCKS. These tracks have proven themselves at festivals across the globe, and this is your opportunity to transcend the cycle of musical karma with Moksha!

Release Date CD & Digital (via Bandcamp) October 28th, 2016

Distribution by Arabesque:
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NewTopic in Release News PostReply at [DAMCD009] ANTAGON - MOKSHA (Damaru Records) October 28t GOAgemein.de Foren-Übersicht » Release News
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