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ॐ "NAME THE BEAST!" Competition [Phonix Rec] 15/01

NewTopic in Release News PostReply at "NAME THE BEAST!" Competition [Phonix Rec] 15/01 GOAgemein.de Foren-Übersicht » Release News
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Release News » "NAME THE BEAST!" Competition [Phonix Rec] 15/01Verfasst: 11.01.2017, 23:52

Phonix Records stalwarts Ishikawa and Space Byrd need your help!

They are working together to compile the next monster dose of Grade A Phonix branded twilight damage featuring Phonix stars Aquedeux, Psycho System, and Omega Flight to name a few! The more they worked on it, the more they realized that their creation had reached such epic proportions, and was capable of wreaking such sonic mayhem – that they needed help naming it!

This is where YOU step in! Help “Name the Beast” and you stand a chance to win a copy of this compilation as well as a copy of “Made In Mexico” – the last compilation by Ishikawa and Psykoatl featuring the best up and coming psytrance producers from Mexico including Dominate RMXes winners Thorus Wrath, Roby, and The Concept Nemesis to name a few!

To enter the “Name the Beast” contest by January 15th 2017, send an mail with:

– Subject: “Name The Beast”
– To: angad at phonix-records.com
– Email should include,
1) your suggested name for the release
2) your full name
3) country of residence

The winner will be announced on January 30th, 2017! So get those thinking caps and dancing boots on – it’s time to take on the beast!

NewTopic in Release News PostReply at "NAME THE BEAST!" Competition [Phonix Rec] 15/01 GOAgemein.de Foren-Übersicht » Release News
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