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ॐ ExtAzya (Israel)

NewTopic in Artists Int. PostReply at ExtAzya (Israel) GOAgemein.de Foren-Übersicht » Booking Agentur » Artists Int.
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Artists Int. » ExtAzya (Israel)Verfasst: 03.10.2008, 23:41


ExtAzya is Yoni Dayan who comes from the southern region of Israel.
His musical journey began at the tender age of 13 when he began creating
his own music and subsequently playing at parties. At the age of 14 helearned
how to create both instrumental and electronic music professionally.

After a few years he were signed at diffrent labels like (shaman films media,
dark records, psybertribe records, caffix records, anomalistic records and more.

He also shared stage with artists like: guina pigs, azax syndrom, double r.e.l
and more.
He is now also signed to Secret Psyde Records.

As well as releasing tracks on VA albums he is also hard at spreading his Messege
of power accros parties / festivals around the world.

For bookings please contact


NewTopic in Artists Int. PostReply at ExtAzya (Israel) GOAgemein.de Foren-Übersicht » Booking Agentur » Artists Int.
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