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ॐ IMIX (Austria)

NewTopic in Artists Int. PostReply at IMIX (Austria) GOAgemein.de Foren-Übersicht » Booking Agentur » Artists Int.
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Artists Int. » IMIX (Austria)Verfasst: 04.10.2008, 00:15


IMIX aka Dj ANZA is Franz J. Bogendorfer, born aquariusminded in Vienna - Austria.
IMIX style can be best described as good looking fullon trance influenced by psychedelic funk.
IMIX is one of the premiere trance producers hailing from the central European hot bed
for underground-trance culture, Austria.

In 1978 - after finishing mechanical engineer highschool in Vienna - Dj Anza
begins to spin funk, 70s rare grooves, acid jazz, acid house, electro,
ethno and rock in and around Viennas underground clubs.
During the 80s he is managing his recordstore "Project Records" and is
getting experienced in various styles of performing alternative music.
Beginning of the 90s Anza travels the first time under the alias *Frankie Angulare*
to the NorthEast of Brazil spinninig as resident dj @ *Attitude Noturna*, *Misty*,
and plenty other locations / venues in Recife / Gaibu / Calhetas / Maceio.
In these days the Mangue Boys, Chico Science (R.I.P), Dj Tom Azevedo(Misty),
Djs from Radio Rock (Sao Paulo) and much more good looking artists got
regular guests of his rare groove, funk, acid jazz, acid house and various
electronic musical styles like ORB, Tangerine Dream, Primal Scream -
Dj Sets in the northeast of Brazil.

Back to Austria Anza plans and creates together with BettyB from
Batusim Corporation in 1998 the legendary Club X-CHAT Austria, both
organized the original BATUSIM PSY CAMP in 2000. Anza also is coaching
musical productions for theatre and leading workshops for music
production, Anza recently is working - since 2002 - on his own electronic
music engineering project called IMIX.
IMIX or "Red Dragon" is the mayan zodiac of Anza. Influenced by this
archaic energy and his huge experience as dj, IMIX delivers a voyage into
dance with kicking beats, massive basslines, crunchy percussions and mindblowing
spacefunk anthemes spiced-up with harmonic acidic melodies for night and daytime-floors.

Performance Hotspots: Sundance 2000 - Austria; Psychedelic Circus 2000 -
Netherlands; Ruin Landsee 2001 - Austria; Dimension 2001 - Austria;
Batusim Psy Camp 2002 & 2003- Austria; Carneval 2002 - Trancoso Brasil;
Kalki 2002 - Belo Horizionte Brasil; Psychofreak 2002 - Belo Horizonte Brasil;
Buddha Bar Munich 2002- Germany; Carneval 2003 - Itacar Brasil;
Earthdance Salzburg Austria 2004; Morocco NYE 2005, Microcosmos Austria 2005;
Spiritbase Austria 2006; Sonnenklang Austria 2002 - 2007; Aquarius 2007,
Z6 Innsbruck 2007, Psysociety Denmark 2008, Redreams Vienna 2007/2008,
more appearances in Croatia, Greece, Brasil, Ibiza, Hungary, Germany..

Cooperations with: 40%, Tactic Mind vs Ultravoice, Jaia, Ovnimoon, Psyboriginal,
M.O.J.O., Crying Freemen, Patch Bay, Hydrogen, Biotouch, Chaos Therapy,
Astartica, Ianuaria, MC Chellabah aka Dj Virus, Virtual Light, Psynina..

Releases with Sonnenklang Records, Synergetic Records, Shivlink Records,
Geomagnetic TV, Kagdila Records, Cytopia Records.

For bookings please contact


NewTopic in Artists Int. PostReply at IMIX (Austria) GOAgemein.de Foren-Übersicht » Booking Agentur » Artists Int.
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