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ॐ Quantum Leap (Portugal)

NewTopic in Artists Int. PostReply at Quantum Leap (Portugal) GOAgemein.de Foren-Übersicht » Booking Agentur » Artists Int.
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ॐ System

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Artists Int. » Quantum Leap (Portugal)Verfasst: 04.10.2008, 00:39


Quantum Leap is Diogo, a musician and producer that was born (1975) and
raised in Lisbon, Portugal.

Music studies begins in 1986 at the Yamaha Music Foundation (Valentim de Carvalho),
for many years he was taking part in several rock, pop and instrumental bands
playing the bass and keyboards, later performing in a freelancing regime working
arrangements for bassists and keyboardists.

In 1996 he give the first steps into electronic music creation, producing
Drum`n Bass and Jungle till he discover psychedelic trance in 1998.

Diogo is professionally involved in the trance scene since 2001, first has
an event promoter, hosting artists like Infected Mushroom, Bamboo Forest,
Phanatic, Bizarre Contact, Vibe Tribe, and the debut shows in Portugal of Cosmosis,
Analog Pussy, Alternative Control, Ultravoice and Burn In Noise.

Later a new business emerged in his life, being himself a musician /
producer, quickly understood the needs of each artist and record labels.
Quark Agency arrived in the market with the support of his good friend
Kfir Lankry (Phanatic), the company managed artists from; Brand New
Entertainment, Utopia Records, Phonokol, Planet BEN Records.

Quantum Leap tunes are mainly full-on psychedelic trance with high-tech
elements to tickle your mind, his musical influences comes from pop,
rock, heavy metal, ambient, drum`n bass, house, electro. Quantum Leap
already performs actively in parties and festivals in Portugal, Turkey,
Spain, France, and Finland. He also have few collaborations with artists
like Alternative Control, Duca (aka Anax), Psytekk, Toxical, D-Maniac,
Sick Addiction, Psyche Logos, Shagma, Mystikal Vibes.

Quantum Leap has been featured on compilations, including labels such as
Kagdila records, Enigmatic Sound, Yellow Sunshine Explosion.
More releases are expected this year, including his debut album titled
High Tech Machines..

An extra surprise is about to arrive to the fans worldwide setup your ears,
body and mind for Quantum Leap music.

For bookings please contact


NewTopic in Artists Int. PostReply at Quantum Leap (Portugal) GOAgemein.de Foren-Übersicht » Booking Agentur » Artists Int.
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